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Welcome to the eBook Software page.
eBook involves technology. To design, write, compile, convert, upload, download, read, sell and purchase eBooks, one needs a whole array of different software and hardware.

eBook Software
The number of ebook readers have increased and a few support multiple file formats. Nowadays there are many devices capable of displaying ebooks and readers have a rich variety of choice in determining which ebook reading software to choose! This page will strive to give some ideas about the ebook software available ... but the list will never be exhaustive as new programs are being constantly developed and improved upon all the time.

For readers: You need at least a computer, with internet access or a dedicated eBook Reading device.

For writers who want to self-publish your own book: You have better equiped yourself with the following before you start - Computer with word processing, eBook Compiling, graphics editing and browser softwares. A web site where you can showcase your completed book, for others to download.

eBook Software: eBook Software for Creating, Compiling, Reading and Designing eBooks and eBook Covers

The software list below is rather basic and not meant to be exhaustive. Some of them are Freeware, Shareware and some are not. Technology is ever evolving, new software is created often and improved upon. For a more complete list of software, you should visit some of the other eBookstore web sites.

eBook Reading Software

1) μbook reader software: It is is a simple and lean, yet powerful ebook reader software for Windows and Pocket PCs that can read HTML, TXT, RTF, PDB and PRC (not secure) ebook files. It can read directly from inside ZIP files, and supports BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG images.

2) BookReader Software: A comfortable freeware eBook viewer.

3) Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 2.2: Acrobat eBook Reader and Acrobat Reader is in a single application. Thus you no longer need to install Acrobat eBook Reader to enjoy eBooks

4) yBook (freeware): Reads text, RTF or HTML files and displays the contents on side by side pages just like an open book.

5) Microsoft® Reader 2.0: For Pocket PC 2002

6) Microsoft® Reader 2.0: For PC

7) Mobipocket Reader Desktop 6.0: Mobipocket has released a new version of its free Desktop Reader software for Windows PC. More than an eBook reader, Mobipocket Reader Desktop 6.0 is a user friendly digital bookshelf and bookstore: manage your digital library, choose from the largest available eBook catalog (more than 40000 titles), seamlessly send eBooks and synchronize RSS eNews with your favorite reading device, publish and convert your own documents. Integrated dictionary features, annotations and customization capabilities offer an improved and personalized reading experience compared to paper. Many free titles are also available for download on www.mobipocket.com/freebooks.

Version 6.0 brings a totally redesigned user interface, streamlined devices support and enhanced reading experience. This new version also includes new multi-dictionary search and instant lookup features.

Pricing and availability:
- FREE, available for download on www.mobipocket.com
- supported mobile devices: Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS (NOKIA, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson...), Blackberry and many more.

8) MobiBook & MobiBrowser: Book reader for mobile phones.

9) RIM Reader by Underwater Programming Laboratories: eBook reader for Blackberry Device

10) Tiny eBook Reader (Pocket PC) by Golden Crater Software: This ebook reader can display TXT, HTML, ZIP, LIT, (MS Reader Software formet), TeBR & PocketPC Magazine.

11) FBreader: This very versatile ebook reader is for various platforms such as Linux desktop, Windows XP computer, FreeBSD computer, and a variety of Linux-based mobile devices. FBreader software can display HTML, Plucker, CHM, PalmDoc, zTxt, TCR, RTF, OEB, FictionBook, Non DRM'ed Mobipocket, plain text format. Currently the default ebook reader software that comes installed on Asus Eee PC 701.

12) Plucker: An offline Web and free ebook reader for Palm OS based handheld devices, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC), and other handheld PDAs.

13) Evince: A document viewer for multiple document formats - an ebook reader for the OLPC PC and is currently supporting the following formats: PDF, Postscript, djvu, dvi.

14) Haali Reader: It's an ebook reader for Windows CE and is for the XML, HTML, PDB, PRC, and plain text formats.
eBook Creating Software

1) EBook HTML Compiler Pro: This software will compile HTML, text & images into a single .exe file.

2) Hypermarker HTML software: Does not require any Internet browser to work - create stand alone eBooks.

3) yWriter Software: A novel writing program

4) FlipBrowser Gold software

Other eBook related Software

1) eBook Cover Software: eCover Engineer is a cover creator software for ebooks. Royalty free templates are available for download.

2) Advanced eBook Explorer: Free program to keep your (Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader) eBooks collection in good order.

3) QuarkXPress: Worlds' premier electronic publishing software. It provides all the tools required to create, design and deliver high impact publications in both print and electronic media.

4) Palm Drop Book: This software make books for Palm Reader

5) ReaderWorks® 2.0: This is the leading suite of eBook authoring and conversion software tools for creating Microsoft® Reader eBooks with ClearTypeTM.

*** There are many more eBook Reading software available. You can easily find them in other eBook store web sites.***
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