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Many ebooks that are currently available are of the following types:


  1. To educate the general public about ebooks.
  2. To promote writing of non-fiction, educational ebooks.
  3. To provide a space for the listing of Music education related ebooks.
  4. To point out some ebook Directories currently available on the internet.
  5. To list ebookstores according to the formats of ebooks that they carry.
  6. To point out some other ebook resources available on the internet.

eBooks Are Suitable For Educational Purposes

  • Many ebooks come with search, highlighting, bookmarking, note making features which are great for textbooks. 
  • If many textbooks and reference materials are available on ebooks, students can study anywhere they like, not just in libraries.
  • Most students in Asian schools carry very heavy schoolbags to school because of the different textbooks. An ebook alone can easily contain all those textbooks and take the strain off their backs!.
  • If textbooks are in ebook format, they will be cheaper, easing the financial burden of many families.
  • Educational books tend to be read / used over and over again, thus justifying the cost of purchase
  • ebooks can be interactive other than being only text-based, hence it can be useful especially for demonstrating or illustrating mathematical, scientific or musical concepts.
  • Updating an ebook is much simpler as newer versions can be easily uploaded and downloaded.
  • ebooks can contain links to other related educational web sites.
  • Sharing of ideas can be done effectively with ebooks. ebooks can be can be read without the need to be connected to the internet.
  • ebooks can be stored on DVD, thumb drive, USB storage and any kind of storage device, ebook device and of course on computer's hard drive.

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