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Alphasmart Dana with Modem
This is a Palm Powered laptop with Palm Reader installed for reading eBooks. It also includes a full-size keyboard and a screen that's 3.5 times wider than the typical handheld screen. You can type or enter data using the keyboard or by writing with the Dana stylus directly onto the screen. With Dana, you can: print directly to many USB or IrDA-enabled printers; add MultiMediaCard or SD (Secure Digital) cards; and easily exchange files with many popular PC applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. Web browsing and email facilities available. Easily synchronize data with a home, classroom or dorm room PC. Ability to share data and software with another Dana or Palm Powered device. It is affordable at only one third the cost of a laptop. This device is suitable for students and professionals.

Kids' ebook page, eBooks and eBook devices for kids

This page deals with the children's eBooks. Resources are selected with great care to ensure that they are suitable for the young. Most parents will not want their children to be sitting in front of a computer all day, reading an eBook. Paper books will still remain the favourite choice - but eBooks can be entertaining and can be used as guided reading materials when parents can spend time reading with the child.

FREE eBooks for Children / about Children

International Children's Digital Library: Read free children's books online
SearchLit.org Inspiring Literature, Inspiring Literacy: Excellent resources for children and educators.
NYPL.org Read Children's eBooks online
RIF Reading Planet prepares and motivates children to read by delivering free books and literacy resources to them.
BAB Books: Online stories for kids
How to write a Children's Book in 30 days or less
9 FREE eBooks for kids. Available in various formats and many sample versions too!
ByGosh.com provides free illustrated kid's stories, poems, novels that you can read online
TumbleBooks is an interactive eBook company that deals with Children's Multimedia eBooks

Buy / Download Children's eBooks

eBook Reading Device KINDLE: Plenty of Children's eBooks Available for the device

More than 800+ Children's Story Books eBooks in Microsoft Reader and Adobe Reader formats.
Many children's ebooks are available in the Kindle ebook format and easily downloaded wirelessly.
Some are free for the Kindle version! Check out some of the ebooks below.

Writing Devices for Children / Writing Professionals

Featured on the right is a wordprocessing device from Alphasmart. They too have other models. Dedicated word processors are not as powerful as notebook computers / laptops but they have many advantages over normal computers. They cost less, weigh less, and some have hundred hours of battery life. Best of all, they offer no distractions that WiFi-enabled computers do and writers can concentrate better on their writing and children on doing their assignments. The files can then be transfered to a printer for printing or to a computer for formatting. Some of these devices are compatible with both the Mac and the PC - offering much flexibility. So far, not many of these dedicated are available:
(1) Portable word processor, laptop for typing notes, for writing, for math, for homework. QWERTY Calcuscribe [discontinued]
(2) Easy mobile computing for Data Entry task. QuickPAD PRO, QuickPAD IRA-USB [discontinued]
(3) A rugged, affordable, high-quality Writing Tool for students and professionals.Alphasmart NEO, Alphasmart DANA

Without writers, there'll be no books and ebooks! Writing hardware like the dedicated word processors mentioned above make writing an even more pleasant task.

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