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This is a special ARTICLE just for eBooks that are created in .exe format. There are several ebook compilers that can be used for this purpose. You don't have to be writing NOVELS or eBooks for sale or promotion in order to create eBooks. Everyone can create eBooks for lots of other purposes too. Read on to see other uses for ebooks.

Alternative ideas to use various eBook Compilers to produce self executable eBooks

For everyone:
  • Make a photo album about any occasion. This can be birthday, wedding, travel, graduation etc. The album can then be stored on floppy disk or CD Rom and distributed to people whom you like.
  • Make photo records of your valuables and store a copy of the eBook in your bank safe! This is good in case you need to make claims from your insurance company.
  • Write a travel journal when you tour a nice place. Include your travel photos and other notes. Great for memory sake.
  • Write your child's growing log. Include pictures and other interesting happenings. This can make a great memoir / birthday gift to your child when he/she is older. (This can be an ongoing project for a period of time.)
  • Recipe Book - record your wife / mom / dad's favorite recipes and compile them into a nice recipe book for whoever you like to pass it to. May make a great wedding gift for your son or daughter!
  • Make a record of medical records for yourself and your family. Everything in one place! Great in case of emergency.
  • Household inventory.
  • Address book. (Catalogue them by country or what ever way you want to.)
  • Instructions to house guests. Can be passed on year after year, revised and improved on.
  • A catalogue of your personal library (be it music CDs, software CD Roms, books or eBooks)
  • Floppy or CD contents. If you own lots of floppy disks / backup diskettes or CDs, you can easily find what contents goes where if you make a screen shot of the contents and compile an eBook of them which you can open from your desktop of your computer screen.
  • An eBook of your PASSWORDS. (Keep that in the safe to be safe.)
  • Compile your Resume / Work experiences ( by year or by companies )
  • Compile scanned copies of your important documents (eg. certificates , diplomas , credit cards )
  • and more to come......................

For teachers:
  • Write your weekly lesson plan very nicely and compile them into a book termly or annually. Might save you plenty of planning time in the coming years! (You still may make changes as you like.)
  • Lecture notes for your students to download. (Why take down notes when one can listen and interact instead? Save paper.)
  • Put all your Scheme of Work, Long Term and Medium Term Planning documents onto an eBook format. Parents and all interested can easily access these through your school web site if permitted.
  • Compile / Archive your newsletters.
  • Make eBooks of your pupils creative work. If your school has all the computers networked, everyone can view the works in the eBook.
  • For classroom instruction: Prepare your instructional material and compile them into eBook format. If you have interactive white boards, you can easily deliver your lessons from there!
  • If your school has a Staff Handbook, it can be converted to eBook format, which can then be updated yearly before distributing to the staff. This saves a lot of paper work, photocopying, paper and cost!
  • and more to come........

For students:
  • Your writing projects can be compiled and presented in an eBook format.
  • Keep important information like timetable, telephone numbers, notes and reminders all in one book.
  • and more to come.........

The above are some suggestions as to alternative ways of using the eBook Compiler. (by Lynda Shen)
If you can design web sites, it would not be difficult to learn how to compile eBooks.

If you can use Windows Words for word processing, you can make use of the programme. What some of the ebook Compilers do is to compile all your files into a book. That can then be stored on a Floppy disk a CD, or in your computer's hard drive. So you don't need to be an eBook author in order to make use of these ebook compiling software. Some ebook compilers allow users to password protect their ebooks.

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