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  1. Why write your own ebook ?
  2. How do I start ?
  3. What software do I need ?
  4. Howdo I get them?
  5. What do I have to do after I have written those ebooks ?
  6. How do I get those ebooks published?
  7. What are the advantages of ebooks over that of traditional prints ?
  8. How many types of ebook formats are there?
  9. How are the formats different and how do they compare ?

Creating your own ebook isn't going to be the simplest task you have ever done, but it is not impossible. Many of us are not going to be writing long novels or some engineering manuals. Many of us will never dream to see our works getting published in books. It is different now. Everyone of us who yearns to write can however realise this dream by creating an ebook. Even children can write and publish their own works / stories for other children through ebooks!

What is an ebook ?

An ebook or e-book stands for electronic book. Words that are usually printed on paper medium are now available on screens that can be read off the computer or laptop, handhelds or PDAs and also some special ebook devices. Currently there are many kinds of ebook devices.

At present there are several kinds of ebook formats. Some ebooks are created to be read off the computer. Some ebooks require special software be installed on your computer before you can read them. Examples are the Microsoft ebook Reader and the Adobe ebook Reader. Ebooks also come in very portable devices that are specially constructed for storing ebook materials and can be used for storing many ebooks! Kindle is a revolutionary ebook device which has opened up a whole library of literary entertainment, wirelessly. There are many other devices available now.

What this ebook web site offers?

- You can download good quality educational ebooks.
- Find ebooks by format from a list of reputable ebook stores.
- Learn about ebook devices and where to buy them.
- Find out more about ebook software.
- Read Tips on how to create and publish your own ebook.
- Get resources related to ebook creation (eg. writer's software, tips).
- Submit your FREE ebooks for listing.
- Read news related to the ebook industry.
- Participate in ebooks and Writers related forums.
- Download your FREE ebook browser
- Search and download quality educational ebooks submitted but individual authors from our 'human edited' ebook directory
- Read our eBook blog
- and more

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Teach sopranino recorder ebook for teachers. Free to download.
Get your free copy of this ebook for the teaching of Sopranino Recorder. Please Click on the image of the book to read more about the ebook / or view screenshots before downloading. This book is presented in lesson plan format with objectives, teacher preparation sections, resources, procedures, summary / evaluation, practise suggestions and tips. All music exercise sheets and songs / tunes are included and printable.

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